Awesome Nintendo Rubik’s Cube

7 01 2008

This is simply way too cool. It is probably illegal to be this cool really. Of course, my sense of cool is obviously skewed heavily to the ‘geek’ end of the spectrum, but still, way cool.

This cube was made by 4cr forumite ExMachina and pictures can be found here.


The Dark Night’s Hi-Res Bat-Trailor

17 12 2007


Watch it here.

How could you not be excited for this? It’s Batman! Batman I tell you!

Indie Game – Passage

14 12 2007


There’s a short little game that’s been making a bit of well deserved news lately across the web. When I say short, I do mean that quite literally.

The game is called ‘Passage‘ it it’s about, well, life…

I suggest you first run through it without any instruction on what is going on, then read the author’s comments on the game and give it another go.

Passage is a game that does a lot with only a little. In five minute’s time I found myself very confused and in another five minutes I found myself pondering my own life. The music to the game is simple, the graphics are simple, in fact, there’s nothing about this game that screams “this game is great” upon first seeing or even playing it. But with time and thought I came to realize how deep this game is.

Ultimately, it comes down to how you view it. If you’re looking for a piece of five-minute-fluff to entertain you and whittle away your hours, go play something else, because Passage is not that game. If you’re looking for a piece of art and a reflection on human nature, you might find something that resonates with you in Passage.

New Post (’bout time)

14 12 2007

So, after a long long period of this just kind of sitting here with no updates, I figured I’d start using this again, just for the sake of using it I guess.

On a separate note, does anyone know where fireblend has gone to? I haven’t seen him in the vast world of online in what seems ages.

This just in…Super Paper Mario = amazing!

11 04 2007

I don’t really have the right to say this fully yet, as I’ve only worked myself up to the third level, but so far, this game is an absolute treasure.

Since this blog hasn’t seen a whole lot of activity recently, I promise to get some impression up once I find the time, but for now, just read the title.

*fireblending minion#1 signing out*

That new guy

8 03 2007

So word on the street is that there is a new guy at Expansion Port. The word is right, im that new guy. Im here to bring you misspelled words, grammar issues and news about gameing.

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Flash vs. Wii

27 02 2007

Flash vs. Wii

Hello everyone! I’m a new writer here for Expansion Port, name’s Ian Snyder, but I’m sure many of you will know me better as Captain_404. You’ll probably see most of my posts ranting about either Nintendo or Flash games, and now I’ve managed to combine both.

Now, to the point!

I don’t think anyone outside of the Flash dev community would know this, but Nintendo has been quite reserved in regards to Flash developers. We have been limited to using mouse coordinates and a pretty lame excuse for a click in making games. No z-axis, no B-button, not even a little d-pad love, and while wiicade may boast over 100 flash games that can be played on your wii, how many of those aren’t rips of some random game for PC. Perhaps it’s too early to really start seeing games, but it’s safe to say that The dearth in wii-specific gameplay is because of Nintendo attitude toward flash.

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